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Anyone looking for the ideal tennis racket can now be helped in a simple way: brings players and rackets to the greatest common denominator.

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© GEPA Pictures makes choosing the right racket much easier

The thing is: Only very few ambitious hobby players have the chance to test their way through a whole range of clubs in order to find the right play equipment. It is also seldom that the experts from the big racket companies stop by for an afternoon on the club's premises to determine the correct weight for the club head with the assembled team of over 30s.

And so you often pick up a racket that your best buddy, favorite player or club coach is holding in his hand. Without going into your own demands and possibilities. But it doesn't have to be - because with there is finally a portal where every player can find exactly the racket that promises the greatest success. spoke to founder Marcus Vogt.

tennisnet : Mr. Vogt. How much are you actively involved in tennis?

Marcus Vogt : I've been playing since primary school, currently at district level, and I'm a classic club player.

tennisnet : How did the idea for come about?

Vogt : I played with one and the same racket for a long time, always with the same string. I think most other amateur players feel the same way. But now there are so many different rackets on the market that I asked myself: is this the right racket for me? And if not, how do I find out which racket exactly suits my playing style? As an engineer, I approached this technically and discovered that there are certain parameters that can be generalized. And I turned this process, which I went through myself, into an online service.

tennisnet : Which parameters are these?

Vogt : Everything that defines the racket: racket head size, weight, balance point, length, stiffness, shaft width, main and cross strings. This combination of club data is matched with the information provided by the players.

tennisnet : That means that parameters are also queried from the players.

Vogt : These are age, gender, play structure, frequency of play, history of injury, favorite stroke - but also the question of what is more important: power or control.

tennisnet : If we wanted to pass that on to players who play with Babolat, for example: Rafael Nadal prefers power, Dominic Thiem prefers control.

Vogt : For example. These parameters are then "translated" to find the most suitable club. In the first step, a player profile is created, in which the input comes from the club seekers. After the translation into racket data, the best rackets are suggested to the players. provides a percentage ranking of the extent to which a racket meets the requirements of the players.

tennisnet : How many racket options are offered?

Vogt : We don't impose any limits on ourselves. We make all clubs comparable using the specified data. When new clubs come out, the parameters are known, that is. We store this data - and then compare it with the information provided by the searching players.

tennisnet : Who has been using most often so far?

Vogt : That's the classic club player in adulthood. So players who otherwise do not have the advice we offer. Our tool gives those interested a direction. But there is always a subjective feeling. If that is in line with our recommendations, then tennis is even more fun.


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