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Orthomol Sport is sweetening the start of the long-awaited summer season for you and your club - with a club package worth 1,800 euros! You can read here how you can win.

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These were bitter times for tennis players: the tennis halls? Mostly closed all winter. All-weather places outside? Barely available. But now we start again, where it is most beautiful: on the sand, in the local club!

And that with the support of Orthomol Sport : Because the Orthomol Sport Team wants to support clubs, teams and tennis players in a targeted manner, on the pitch.

"As a nutrition partner of the DTB, tennis has been particularly important to us for years," says Thomas Mechtel, Brand Manager Orthomol Sport. “We have been supporting the DTB and its squad players for three years with our products and our know-how in the field of nutrition. Now we want to actively do something for the clubs and teams in this special year! "

Get the Orthomol Sport Club Package!

Are you involved in your tennis club? Then apply now for the Orthomol sports club package worth 1,800 euros!

This contains:

The winners will be determined from all tennis clubs that apply by May 15, 2021 and will be addressed personally by the Orthomol Sport Team to coordinate the details.

You can apply here!

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Orthomol: A company introduces itself

The subject of "healthy eating" is becoming more and more important in society. And that's good. Because it's about doing something good for your own body. The need for minerals, vitamins, etc. is individual; in athletes, for example, it can be increased due to physical activity. This also applies to tennis players - regardless of whether they are professional or amateur athletes. So it's good to have the right nutrition partner at your side.

The Orthomol multi-sport principle

Orthomol has designed a special product series for athletes based on nutritional scientific findings, taking special account of the fact that athletes need very specific nutrient support: the Orthomol multi-sport principle. The product range is carefully coordinated for daily care as well as for situation-related support before, during and after exercise.

The Orthomol Sport product line briefly explained

Orthomol Sport and tennis - a proven partnership

The current partnership with the DTB shows that Orthomol Sport is very closely related to tennis. As the official nutrition partner, the Langenfeld-based company has been providing products to selected players from the German Tennis Association's talent team, as well as the DTB coaching staff and functional teams, for the third year now.

Nils Glagau, owner and managing director of Orthomol pharmaceutical Vertriebs GmbH, says: “Our goal is to give the athlete something in hand for all phases, i.e. for the daily supply and specifically before, during and after the match. "

Particularly important for all ambitious athletes: Orthomol Sport has been included in the Cologne List® since 2006, in addition to the strict in-house and official quality controls, e.g. by the TÜV. This initiative has set itself the task of making the substances contained in dietary supplements transparent to athletes and thus minimizing the risk of doping. Orthomol Sport therefore offers athletes the security of receiving a tested product to support performance and regeneration ability and to contribute to the resistance of the immune system.

You can find all information about Orthomol Sport here!

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