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In the past few weeks, some tennisnet readers had the chance to take a close look at the Topspin strings - or on the racket. Which strings were convincing?

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From soft multifilament strings for great feeling to 7-sided polyester strings for enormous twist: Topspin offers something for every wish! In their search for new material, our testers were allowed to choose and try out new material. And we were all quite enthusiastic.

The multi-strings: speed and feel!

With the Fiber Sence , Topspin has a soulful multi on the market. "The string allows incredibly fast hits that I was not used to before," said tester Kai , who nevertheless documented excellent control, as well as strong tension stability. He also wants to play the string in the future - "perfect control and more power", so his judgment. The string is also interesting for players who struggle with string slipping in multis, according to our editor from the editorial team . Here the Fiber Sence is a better alternative than most of the others. And just: for a multi-string it is super-controlled. For him, too, the fiber sence is the future string of his choice.

The Fiber Touch was the second multi in the test, also "outstanding control", according to tester Kai , who also praised the feeling. "A string for strategists" - and the more classic player. Spin isn't the thing with the Fiber Touch. Our test player from the editorial team got more power out of the Fiber Touch than from the Fiber Sence; he also found that it was very comfortable to string (compared to Fiber Sence, which seemed rather “oily”). But he found the control better with the Fiber Sence.

Hybrid strings: it's all in the mix

The Hyber Sence was tested as a hybrid string. Power, constant tension, no slipping, average spin, according to tester Martin .

The Hyber Touch was also there for hybrid fans, and they had five testers on the club. Tester Felix praised the high acceleration, but at the expense of control. The spin also leaves a lot to be desired. He found durability and tension stability okay. In contrast, Martin saw it , who could control the balls well, but couldn't get any more speed out than anywhere else. He also gave full marks in terms of spin. Tester Thomas was just as enthusiastic: "I think the Hyber Touch is a tad better than the Hyber Sence, as it delivers as much speed and spin as the Hyber Sence and offers even better control." Tester Lukas was equally good at speed and spin convinced, but struggled with the durability - he found 5 hours too little to use it as a standard string. And Clemens particularly praised the feeling, even if the pace was too slow for him.

The Hybro Spin - a hybrid combination with a 7-sided poly - convinced tester Bertholt when it came to spin. “In the fast hits with a lot of spin, the string becomes a highly reliable companion,” he writes. If you don't get the spin automatically, but have to generate it. Tester Dennis sees it similarly, "whether topspin or backspin - both can be played excellently with the string."

Poly strings: For even more twist!

The Cyber Soft was in the series of the pure co-polyester / polyurethane strings. Tester Felix awarded five stars for control, feeling and tension stability. "You can't generate a lot of speed with the Topspin Cyber Soft. What the string lacks in speed, you can make up for here with control and precision," he says. But he was disappointed with the durability. Our testers Lukas and Clemens gave a similar assessment , although they found the shelf life to be good until the end of the test.

The Cyber Flash was judged to be consistently successful by tester Berthold , but not as the first choice. “Especially when I played for a long time, I noticed that I had to stand perfectly in front of the ball and then I still didn't have the same feeling of the ball as I did with a Babolat RPM Power or the Head Lynx Tour, for example.

The pentagonal top rotation convinced tester Dennis with its high spin potential - “the name says it all”, he said and found “a maximum of control and at the same time a very constant tension stability”.

Are you also looking for new strings? You can find more information about Topspin here!


Oct 19, 2021, 02:59 pm
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