Generali Austrian Pro Series: Dominic Thiem makes the start - start on May 25th

The schedule for the first four days of the Generali Austrian Pro Series is out. Dominic Thiem opens on May 25th at 12 noon (live on ServusTV). The entire event takes place in camera, but all matches are broadcast on TV or stream.

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Dominic Thiem
Dominic Thiem

The Generali Austrian Pro Series kicks off on May 25! 16 men and 8 women then play for a total prize money of 151,750 euros. Also there is Austria's superstar Dominic Thiem, the third in the world rankings can start against David Pichler (ATP No. 479).

Groups A and B will play their matches on the first four days, so Thiem will be on the court every day.

The game plan at a glance

Monday May 25thGroups A and B
12 o'clock Dominic Thiem - David Pichler
2pm Jürgen Melzer - Lenny Hampel
4pm Jurij Rodionov - Marko Andrejic
6pm Lucas Miedler - Sandro Kopp
Tuesday May 26thGroups A and B
10 O `clock Lenny Hampel - Marko Andrejic
noon Jürgen Melzer - Jurij Rodionov
4pm Dominic Thiem - Lucas Miedler
6pm David Pichler - Sandro Kopp
Wednesday May 27thGroups A and B
10 O `clock Jurij Rodionov - Lenny Hampel
noon Jürgen Melzer - Marko Andrejic
4pm Dominic Thiem - Sandro Kopp
6pm Lucas Miedler - David Pichler
Thursday May 28thGroups A and B
10 O `clock Game for 7th place
noon Game for 5th place
4pm Game for 1st place
6pm 3rd place match

Groups C (Dennis Novak, Sam Weissborn, Alex Erler, Lukas Neumayer) and Group D (Sebastian Ofner, Phillip Oswald, Max Neuchrist, Moritz Thiem) start on May 29th .

The top twelve players progress and continue the tournament in four groups of three. In the end there is a tournament based on the ATP finals.

The women's games begin on June 10th. Group A: Barbara Haas, Tamira Paszek, Mira Antonitsch, Irina Dshandshgava. And group B: Julia Grabher, Melanie Klaffner, Sinja Kraus, Elena Karner.

The matches take place in the federal performance center in Südstadt and are held in a corona-friendly manner: without on-site spectators, without ball children and linesmen. Only a chair umpire will be present on the court.

All games are shown to tennis fans on TV or via live stream (at , laola1 or on Facebook), and the rights to broadcast Dominic Thiem's games have been secured by ServusTV. All matches from Sportradar are marketed internationally


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