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Naomi Osaka: "Have everything to play well on sand and grass"

Naomi Osaka won her fourth Grand Slam title at the Australian Open 2021. The Japanese does not really want to admit that it is difficult for her to achieve such a feat outside of hard court.

by Michael Rothschädl
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Naomi Osaka has not yet really impressed on sand and grass
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Naomi Osaka has not yet really impressed on sand and grass

Two US Open, two Australian Open - since last Saturday there have already been four Grand Slam titles that adorn the trophy cabinet at Osaka. At just 23 years of age, this is the passable record of the lady who is considered by many to be the rightful successor to a Serena Williams who, with her 23 major titles, has shaped tennis in the last few years more than any other lady has before .

The fact that Osaka is still lacking in a comparable dominance as that of Serena Williams is shown by a look at the statistics at the other Grand Slam tournaments. At both Wimbledon and Roland Garros, the Japanese woman's entry into the round of 32 has so far been the highest of feelings, Osaka has not yet really warmed up on sand and grass.

Osaka: "It's all about feeling good"

If the 23-year-old has her way, this could change soon, as Osaka reveals in an interview with the WTA insider : "I have the feeling that I am I have everything I need to play well on sand and grass, it's all about being comfortable. I don't think I am totally comfortable on both surfaces because as a kid I don't really feel comfortable on sand or grass I've played hard court all my life. "

So it is simply a question of experience, as the Japanese emphasizes. The second in the world rankings is convinced that this should also lead to similar successes as on hard court. "It's definitely a mental thing. But I think the more I play the better it is," said Osaka.


But now regeneration is on the program for the Japanese first, because the 23-year-old doesn't want to reveal too much about her schedule, too much is happening in the world at the moment to have a fixed plan. Rather, Osaka is now looking forward to returning home and "sleeping", as the world number two explains. "I'm not really that big of a party person or anything. I'm just excited to go home."

Here is the complete conversation with Naomi Osaka!

by Michael Rothschädl

Feb 23, 2021, 01:10 pm
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