ATP: Rafael Nadal finds vaccination refusals "selfish"

Former world number one Rafael Nadal is critical of people who do not want to be vaccinated despite the current increase in the number of infections.

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Rafael Nadal wants more solidarity on the subject of COVID vaccination

In the meantime, practically everyone and everything has said about their attitude to the COVID vaccination, and tennis is no exception. Word donations on the topic, which has now moved back to the center of social life due to the high number of infections, are available in the most varied of variations and degrees of severity.

The former world number one Rafael Nadal had not commented publicly on the dominant topic in the last few weeks and months. In an interview with the major Spanish sports daily "Marca", the 20-time Grand Slam champion now provided insights into his thoughts on the issue, which is highly polarizing, at least in Central and Eastern Europe.

"Have confidence in medicine"

“I understand that some people don't want to be vaccinated. But from my point of view I find that a bit selfish in the current situation. We have been through a lot and even if we do not know the effects 100 percent, we have to have faith in the medicine, "said" Rafa "in a recorded video chat.

In the conversation he also praised the way the pandemic was dealt with in his home country: “What we know is the effect of the virus on unvaccinated people. Spain is one of the most progressive countries in terms of vaccinations and one of the least affected by the virus. ”79.1 percent of Spain's population is fully immunized.


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