Betting scandals in tennis: Tennis players in the focus of the betting mafia

Tennis and the various betting providers: This is a symbiosis that has continued to grow over the past few years. And that also brings a few problems with it.

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Attention is paid to betting manipulation in tennis
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Attention is paid to betting manipulation in tennis

Sports betting has become a daily hobby for many fans of the most varied of sports. In Germany, too, the turnover of betting providers is increasing immeasurably, as many people are betting on a tennis game. Meanwhile, it must be said that betting on the sport has grown in popularity. The industry has stabilized itself through strict requirements and good marketing and is no longer discredited.

Of course, the money also attracts illegal activities. Wherever huge sums of money are being moved, there are mostly fraudsters lurking. How quickly this can bring a sport into disrepute was shown by the Tour de France, which many only refer to as the “Tour de Doping”. The sport lost face due to numerous scammers and has not been as popular for some time as it was years ago. Even if this is a different type of fraud, in the worst case scenario tennis can face a similar fate.

We have taken a closer look at this topic and want to express our own opinion a little. More and more tennis players are coming into the focus of investigations, as conspicuous bets are placed on the different game events.

The quick money attracts many tennis players

With just a few mistakes, a tennis professional can quickly lose a match. How annoying this can be showed this year at Novak Djokovic . Probably the best tennis professional almost made it to the "Grand Slam" and won all the big tournaments of the year.

What in the end brought tears to Novak's eyes is often wanted in the amateur field. Deferred games are being revealed more and more often. Adolescent professionals purposely lose a set or even the entire game in an attempt to make quick money. With just a few mistakes, earnings can be made in an hour that normal wage earners often only dream of.

The high stakes are mostly made in Asia. The reason for this is that huge sums of money can be wagered on a tennis match in Asian countries, while only small stakes can be placed in this country.

Betting on tennis: betting seriously and legally

Let's move a little away from the dark path that some tennis professionals and the betting mafia have taken and come to another topic. Betting on a tennis match is in great demand. In large tournaments in particular, placing bets ensures fun and excitement while watching the match.

If you want to experience this special moment, you will find numerous contact points on the Internet in order to be able to place a bet. The tennis betting guide from shows, for example, where bets can be placed. In addition, you get a lot more information about the numerous betting options in a tennis game.

The betting mafia: They really do exist

One day before the match, a player meets a mysterious figure in the dark and talks about the course of the game. At just such a thought, most people start laughing and consider the scenario to be a joke. In fact, however, some tennis players have already been convicted who reported exactly about it.

Contact is mostly made via the Internet. Afterwards, a meeting point will be arranged to hand over the money for a pushed game. Even the ZDF reported at the end of 2019 on around 135 players who were involved in the dark business of the betting mafia .

You can also find a lot of interesting documentaries and interviews with former members on YouTube. Anyone who thinks the betting mafia is a rumor or a joke will quickly be taught better and can get an insight into the dark machinations of sport.

Top players in the focus of the investigation

The thought of a pushed amateur match is also not entirely correct. Names belonging to the tennis elite appear in numerous reports. Some professionals from the top 50 should also be involved in the business of the betting mafia.

One of the investigators involved also mentioned that it is likely an Armenian mafia that pushes games on a large scale. With the words "In this case we are talking about the network of an Armenian betting mafia, which has spread over seven countries in Europe and has cheated in a highly intelligent and large-scale manner", it is confirmed that it is a sophisticated gang of fraudsters.

The French Open got a bitter aftertaste

Anyone who thinks that this has long been a thing of the past is unfortunately wrong. This year there was again a case that attracted media attention. For example, the tennis player "Jana Sisikowa" was arrested at the French Open on suspicion of match-fixing.

The suspicion of a postponed game arose because numerous bets were placed against the Russian. In a double first round game in 2020, higher amounts of money were wagered on a break when the score was 2: 2. Sisikowa had to give up the serve and made three mistakes (two double faults) for the loss of the game.

Caution: Gambling addiction often plays a role

While a bet on tennis can bring some fun or even a profit, you should never overdo it. A bet can quickly be lost, so that the credit used goes into the pockets of the bookmaker.

Many sports fans then want to make up for the loss with another bet. With a project like this one quickly finds oneself in a devil's spiral from which it is difficult to get out. Basically, this is exactly why you should only play with money that is freely available anyway. If there are high stakes that really hurt, there are many contact points that provide support in the event of a gambling addiction and point out a way out.


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