Clean up toxic water with mental power - has Novak Djokovic gone too far?

Novak Djokovic has been using Instagram increasingly in recent weeks to work out wisdom for himself and his fans. In the meantime, however, renowned observers of the tennis scene are wondering whether the world number one is aware of his responsibility.

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Novak Djokovic believes in the power of the mind
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Novak Djokovic believes in the power of the mind

When Novak Djokovic welcomes Chervin Jafarieh as a guest in the shared Instagram chats, the world number one does this as a "brother". Jafarieh has been a Djokovic advisor for a number of years, on questions that seem to have nothing to do with the Serb's sporting exploits. And so the two of them exchanged their episodes of life in several episodes, and the audience felt that Djokovic and Jafarieh spoke the same language.

And there are more than a few viewers: Just under 10,000 fans follow the conversations live, but Djokovic's posts reach a total of almost half a million people. And in their recent conversation with Jafarieh, which dealt with mental strength, they were told that the power of the mind could change the molecular composition of water.

Djokovic not a friend of Rothenberg

Novak Djokovic said literally: “I know some people who through energetic transformations, through the power of prayers, through the power of gratitude, have transformed the most toxic food or perhaps the most toxic water into the most healing water because water reacts. Scientists have proven that the molecules in the water react to our emotions, to what has been said. ”

This statement now brought some people onto the scene. Like the American journalist Ben Rothenberg, who accompanies the tennis circus for the New York Times. Rothenberg and Djokovic have maintained a very distant relationship for years, not least because the reporter Djokovic repeatedly faced details from meetings of the players' council at press conferences.

The responsibility of the world leader

Mary Carillo, a former world-class player who has been an expert on various TV stations for years, also disagrees with Djokovic's views. "It's no surprise that Novak says something like that. But I find that particularly dangerous. He's not the type whose favorite music changes when he walks into another room. I am very disturbed that Djokovic and the other guy say that you can convert toxic water into drinking water. ”

Jon Wertheim, book author and probably the leading US tennis journalist, assisted Carillo. “In times of the corona virus, when false stories and conspiracy theories emerge, when it is legitimized to use bleach, I think Novak really needs to be careful. This has consequences. I was very disappointed to see that. There is real responsibility as number one in the world. And part of that is respecting science and objective truth. "


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