From May 25th - The Generali Austrian Pro Series with Dominic Thiem, Dennis Novak, Jürgen Melzer and Co.

The national tennis circus will be back in the southern part of the city at the end of May: 16 men and 8 women will play for a total of € 151,750 as part of the Generali Austrian Pro Series . All matches will be shown on the live stream or on TV, and Austria's number one Dominic Thiem will also serve.

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Dominic Thiem will also serve at the Generali Austrian Pro Series
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Dominic Thiem will also serve at the Generali Austrian Pro Series

Over the past few weeks, hard work has been done behind the scenes, now the concept for the Generali Austrian Pro Series, organized by, is to be held from May 25th in the federal performance center in Südstadt. The winners will be determined from the 16 participating men in two group phases plus a final tournament in the manner of the ATP Masters. Eight players will start in the women's race. Appropriate to the requirements of the corona pandemic: Without on-site spectators, without ball children or line judges. Only a chair umpire takes an active part in the action.

Austria's number one, Dominic Thiem, will also be there, whose father Wolfgang, together with Kitzbühel tournament director Alexander Antonitsch and the still active legend Jürgen Melzer, created this opportunity for the Austrian tennis professionals within just three weeks. Melzer also competes himself, as do the double specialists Philipp Oswald and Tristan-Samuel Weißborn.

ServusTV secures the Thiem matches

Thiem, however, faces the greatest sporting danger from the closest circle of friends: Because of course Dennis Novak, who has been among the top 100 players in the ATP world rankings since the beginning of this year, will also be involved in the tournament series. All matches will be made available to tennis fans on TV or via live stream (at, laola1 or on Facebook). ServusTV has secured the rights to broadcast Dominic Thiem's games. All matches are marketed internationally by Sportradar.

In addition to the twelve best male players in Austria, the organizers, together with the ÖTV, also gave four wild cards to the Next Gen for men and two for women - to players to whom the future could belong: Marko Andrejic, for example, who started with 2020 Austrian team at the ATP Cup. Or Lukas Neumayer, Austria's best junior at the moment.

Final phase like the ATP finals

It starts with the men with four groups of four players each, who play their matches within eight days. The top twelve players move on and continue the tournament in four groups of three. In the end, there will be a tournament based on the ATP finals, which will be played in London for the last time this year: eight players, who first determine the winner over a group phase, then with two semi-finals and the final.

The women, such as Barbara Haas, returnee Tamira Paszek, Julia Grabher, Melanie Klaffner or Mira Antonitsch, begin after the second group phase of the men. And play out their winner in two group phases.


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