Günter Bresnik: "Jürgen Melzer the first to invest a lot of time"

Günter Bresnik spoke in an APA interview about his experiences on the ATP tour at the time of COVID-19 and about Neo-ÖTV sports director Jürgen Melzer .

by Michael Rothschädl
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Günter Bresnik spoke about the current circumstances of the ATP tour in an interview
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Günter Bresnik spoke about the current circumstances of the ATP tour in an interview

The current status quo also appeals to the ladies and gentlemen on the ATP and WTA tours. While the bubble fatigue in a Benoit Paire manifests itself in appearances with blurring boundaries on refusal to work, the world number four, Dominic Thiem, speaks of a hole he fell into due to the special circumstances on the tour.

This is a completely different matter to Günter Bresnik, who during his stay at the ATP Masters 1000 event in Monte Carlo had little to complain about in the bubble: "These are changes that one can live with. One of them suffers from it when you have a lot of spectators, the next one below if nobody is watching, "said the start coach. "How can you justify that anywhere, as a halfway person with a brain when there are other people who don't even know how to bring something to the table for the family."

Bresnik: "Nothing changes for many"

Logically, the 59-year-old can hardly understand it when players are angry about the circumstances. Especially since for many of them they hardly make a difference, as Bresnik claims: "With most of the young players - I say viciously - the daily routine doesn't change that much because 90 percent of the free time is spent on Playstation and Instagram , Facebook and the other shit. It's their right to do so, but then I can't complain if it's practically compulsory what they would do in their free time.

At the moment, in addition to taking care of the French Gael Monfils, the Viennese is also responsible for young Austrian hopes such as Lukas Neumayer. Young players, for whom the recent reforms of the ATP are not doing any good, as Bresnik emphasizes: "I consider what is being done with young players, boys and girls to be the biggest scandal in tennis. A future title has been reduced from 18 to 10 points." , says the 59-year-old. According to this, even in the unlikely event that you win all 18 rated tournaments, you would not have enough points to move up to the next category - namely the Challenger Tour. "An outgrowth of stupidity," as Bresnik emphasizes.

Bresnik full of praise for Melzer

In the work with the Austrian youngsters, Bresnik has prominent support. Jürgen Melzer, the former number eight in the tennis world, has been at work as sports director in ÖTV since the beginning of the year. And Bresnik has so far been extremely convinced of the work of the Deutsch-Wagramers: "Jürgen is the first person I've seen in the last 20 years who has invested a lot in terms of time. You get the feeling that there is more than an economic one Interest there is that something is going on there. That's good for me. "

Melzer, who has been successful as a double specialist in recent years, is not completely complete, but this is primarily a question of time, as Bresnik explained: "When it comes to certain things, he needs his apprenticeship. But he is so intelligent that he can keep up with it surrounds the right people and is extremely hard-working. He comes at 8 and leaves at 6. When he is not in Südstadt, he is somewhere in Austria. That’s something different. "

by Michael Rothschädl

Apr 19, 2021, 09:15 pm
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