Mentor Djokovic played a big role in Medjedovic's victory

Hamad Medjedovic celebrated a remarkable triumph at the #NextGen Finals in Jeddah. This was also made possible by the support of Novak Djokovic .

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Novak Djokovic supports Hamad Medjedovic
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Novak Djokovic supports Hamad Medjedovic

Novak Djokovic is known for always knowing how to optimize his body. A few years ago, the industry leader achieved his success, slim and slim, and more recently the Serb has packed on muscle mass.

Perhaps this aspect, the physical aspect, is also the one that Hamad Medjedovic still needs to improve the most. Admittedly: From the outside, the Serb appeared to be fitter than he had been seen on European clay courts in the summer. And in the end: whoever wins is right.


Medjedovic wins twice against Thiem

But of course: Medjedovic, who has an impressive repertoire of punches, can still work on his physical condition. Better than if he missed a good forehand or if the serve fell into the “throw-in” category. No, the 20-year-old man from Novi Pazar in Serbia is really fun to watch. Playing against him is less: Dominic Thiem had to go through this experience twice this year - first in the semi-finals of the Challenger in Mauthausen (which Medjedovic subsequently won), then also in the round of 16 in Gstaad (where the Serb ultimately failed in the semi-finals against Pedro Cachin).

And what does Novak Djokovic have to do with it? Hamad Medjedovic's father, Eldin, recently described this again. Djokovic described to him exactly what Hamad had to do to really become a world leader. The world number one talked about coaches and similarly important things, and he, Eldin, just said: “Nole, I’m sorry, but the things you’re talking about cost a lot of money.”

To which Novak Djokovic simply said: “Hamad just has to work hard. I'll take care of the rest. What kind of man would I be if I didn't help those who deserve it, who love tennis and also achieve good results?"

Hamad Medjedovic now delivered his best result in Jeddah. And thus the trust that Novak Djokovic placed in him was justified.


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