Novak Djokovic: plan for the rest of the season is, criticism of the media & unsafe Australian Open

While Novak Djokovic has fixed his plans for the rest of the 2021 season, the Serb left it open in an interview with Sport Blic whether he will start at the Australian Open next year. The reason: a possible vaccination requirement.

by Michael Rothschädl
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Novak Djokovic has presented his remaining program for the 2021 season
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Novak Djokovic has presented his remaining program for the 2021 season

Almost in the same breath as a possible vaccination requirement for entry to Australia for the Australian Open at the beginning of next year was put into the room, a name moved into the focus of the discussions: that of Novak Djokovic. The Serb is known to be vaccine-skeptical, a possible vaccination requirement could result in the cancellation of the 20-time major winner, who was able to triumph down under nine times.

Those speculations in the media are a thorn in the side of the Serbs, he said in an interview with Sport Blic : "There is excessive speculation, also in the media, which bothers me very much. I have not said too much (about the vaccination), because everyone was making assumptions based on something I said a year ago, "said Djokovic.

Djokovic leaves the start in Australia open

Competing Down Under is still extremely uncertain at the moment, the strong restrictions for the first major of the year are one reason for the uncertainty of the world number one regarding a start at his most successful major event: "In view of all this, I still don't know whether I will play in Melbourne, "said the 34-year-old.

When it comes to vaccination, the number one in the tennis world sees a far bigger problem: "Not only in sport, but in the world in general, I am disappointed with the discord that exists between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. When we discriminate against someone because he wants to decide for himself whether he wants to be vaccinated or not, I think that's terrible, "said Djokovic.

Djokovic sharply criticizes the media

The Serbian denounces that the media also have a negative impact on society in this context: "The media exert pressure on many people. At the moment there are too many things that are not clear, too much information that is not correct, and then they turn out to be right, and then again they don't. "

He himself does not want to give space to the media, which the industry leader does not give good hair to: "I think the media spreads fear and panic, and I do not want to contribute to turning people against each other. I have this feeling that the media are generally unfriendly and I don't want to give anyone a reason to write about me. Your editors can turn what I've just said into a scandal, "said Djokovic, who does not want to publicize whether he has been vaccinated be or not. "I think it's a private matter," emphasized the world number one.

The plan for the rest of the season is in place

While a start Down Under is still associated with a number of question marks , the Serb has first come up with a plan for the rest of the 2021 season: "I plan to play Paris Bercy, the ATP Finals in Turin and the Davis Cup," tennis quoted Majors the world number one. In this phase of his career, matches for his country would have priority for the Serbs in addition to the major events, he emphasized.

His extended stay in Belgrade would last for a week, after which Djokovic wanted to go to final preparation for the ATP Masters 1000 event in Paris Bercy: "I will stay in Belgrade this week and leave Serbia next week to be with me to prepare further and to concentrate on the training. "

by Michael Rothschädl

Oct 19, 2021, 10:15 am
last edit: Oct 18, 2021, 09:53 pm