Rafael Nadal: "Novak Djokovic is more obsessed with records - but not in a negative sense"

Rafael Nadal spoke in detail with the British Metro about his personal motivation, his goals and the younger generation.

by Michael Rothschädl
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Rafael Nadal spoke about his personal goals in an interview with British Metro
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Rafael Nadal spoke about his personal goals in an interview with British Metro

These are probably the most important days in Rafael Nadal's tennis year. Monte Carlo - albeit with a less than satisfactory result for the Mallorcan - is history, now Barcelona, Madrid, Rome - and finally the French Open are just around the corner. The European clay court season, it is by far the most successful season of the 20-time Grand Slam winner.


With his twenty major titles, Nadal also leads the ranking in this regard - together with his long-term competitor Roger Federer. But it is not records like these that drive the Spaniard to work on his top form even in the autumn of his career: "I enjoy what I do, I like to play tennis. And of course I want to win more Grand Slams , there is no doubt about that. "

Nadal with a "different approach"

But he is not as focused on his work as a Novak Djokovic does: "Novak is more obsessed with it, focuses more on it - of course not in a negative sense. These things mean a lot to him, he always talks about these records . I have a different approach to my career, "emphasizes the Spaniard.

Djokovic is only one of Rafael Nadal's two very big rivals, Roger Federer in particular has become the 34-year-old's permanent rival in the last 15-20 years. Would it have been these rivalries that spurred him on to these achievements? "I've always had good examples of great players fighting for the same things, so that helps give you a clear path."

Young players will go their own way

Nevertheless, it is his own motivation that far exceeds this competitive pressure: "My personal motivation is much higher than the motivation to have other players in front of you. I only play for myself, for my team, for my fans, for my family, for me, of course, " said Nadal in an interview with British Metro.

The competitors of the same age are currently joined by some players from the generation behind Nadal, Federer & Co - who were victorious in the last two ATP Masters 1000 tournaments. A group of players the Spaniard has confidence in in the future: "They will do it their way, we've done it our way and we are here to go on and keep fighting for these things and in a way I am excited to play against these young great players. "

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by Michael Rothschädl

Apr 20, 2021, 08:15 am
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