Roger Federer and his respect for the server Diego Schwartzman

After a long break, Roger Federer has once again spoken to his fans via an #AskRF session on Twitter. And given some amazing answers.

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Roger Federer answered fans' questions
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Roger Federer answered fans' questions

Not that Roger Federer is scarce these days. The Maestro was last seen as co-host of the Met Gala in New York City before the entire Federer family jetted to Miami for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Yesterday, Tuesday, the 20-time Grand Slam champion once again dedicated himself to his fans. In a question and answer session on Twitter.

And Federer was quite joking …

Q: Who were the best servers you've ever played against?

A: Roddick/Isner/Pistol/Schwartzman/Karlovic/Ivanisevic/Vavrinec. And some bald guy from Croatia... (meaning his last coach Ivan Ljubicic, of course; and Vavrinec is Mirka Federer's birth name)

Q: Do you sometimes miss just sitting in a cafe and eating a cake in peace?

A: In fact, I do this all the time in Switzerland!

Q: Will you be at the Laver Cup this year?

A: Yes! See you in Vancouver.

Q: Share with us a funny story where you were mistaken for someone...

A: That happened just a few days ago in Formula 1. A man asked me "Can I have a picture with you, Mr. Nadal?" I told him I'm not Nadal. He apologized and left without taking a picture...

Q: Between yourself, Rafa, Novak and Andy - who tells the best dad jokes?

A: Andy Murray was born to tell dad jokes. And then not to laugh...

Q: Hi Roger. What do you think of doing a regular podcast?

A: What is a podcast and why does everyone have one?

Q: Your favorite match against Rafael Nadal?

A: Roland Garros 2008. Those four games were amazing!


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