WTA: These women could do more with their careers

The editors of crouched down again to find the players on the ladies tour who were nowhere near exhausting their full potential.

by the entire editorial team
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Sloane Stephens is just one player on the WTA tour who is not really reaching her potential.

Always highly praised and sung about, but in the end they didn't quite achieve what they were supposed to be - many tennis players cannot meet the expectations of fans, coaches or experts. The reasons for this are often varied, sometimes not really tangible. In addition to physical problems, the psyche and the inner attitude of the great career usually thwart the plan.More than two weeks ago, the editorial team dedicated itself to tennis menand tries to find explanations why players like Nick Kyrgios, Bernard Tomic or Denis Shapovalov are still not where they belong in the ATP ranking of their systems. This time it is the turn of the ladies and this time again the list is completely subjective. We look forward to your comments on facebook!

Kiki Bertens: On May 13, 2019, it looked like Dutch women's tennis had a new, very big figurehead. Kiki Bertens, 27, made it to number four in the WTA charts, shortly before Bertens had celebrated her biggest career title to date at the WTA 1000 event in Madrid. A good two years later it is clear that it should remain the biggest for the Dutch woman. In June Bertens announced that she would have to end her career prematurely. The body is no longer doing it, persistent problems have been exacerbated by the break caused by COVID-19. The way back, according to the 29-year-old, is too rocky. A bitter end under Bertens' career, which was already able to show correctly on clay in 2016, reached the semifinals at the French Open at that time. What remains of Berten's career are ten titles on the WTA tour. And an extremely inglorious ending. With the question: "What if?" (Michael Rothschädl)

Eugenie Bouchard: Even as a young talent, Eugenie Bouchard knew how to convince - including a junior Wimbledon victory. At the age of 20, the big breakthrough came with a WTA Tour tournament victory, the Wimbledon final in the greats and two other Grand Slam semifinals. The reward for the effort was a place in the top five of the women's world and the WTA award as “Most Improved Player”. Anyone who believed that this was the beginning of a great career was unfortunately wrong. In the following year, the Canadian's form curve went steeply downhill. The inglorious negative climax of the weak 2015 season was a concussion in the changing area of the US Open facility in Flushing Meadows. Several coach changes followed, but none of them showed a reversal of the negative development. Too quick success, recurring rumors about eating disorders, more interest in modeling jobs than in tennis - whether there was a certain trigger for the descent of “genius”, or whether it was a collection of several unfortunate circumstances, none other than that Lady from Montreal answer herself. Today Bochard is 27 years old and is positioned at number 173 in the world. Whether the big coup for the North American is inside remains questionable. It would be desirable if “Genie” had not only lured its fans to the stadiums of the world in droves with their attractive tennis. (Stefan Bergmann)

Caroline Garcia: Oh children, how time flies. It has been more than ten years since Andy Murray made the prediction during the French Open second round game between Caroline Garcia and Maria Sharapova that the Frenchwoman would be number one in the future. Curious: Although Murray was deeply impressed by Garcia, the then 17-year-old lost the match in three sets. If, despite the defeat, one had expected great successes for the Frenchwoman, the great breakthrough should never really come about. In the WTA charts, Garcia climbed to position four, but in a Grand Slam tournament she never made it past the quarter-finals. In doubles it went for the now world ranking 59. a little better, in 2016 she triumphed at the side of Kristina Mladenovic at the French Open - but even in pair skating, Murray's forecast should not come true. As before, one waits longingly for the ultimate performance explosion of the talented 27-year-old, who, with her variability and wit, could play not only successful, but also extremely attractive tennis. The emphasis is on could. (Nikolaus Fink)

Madison Keys: There was an interesting statistic about Madison Keys: Keys hit their forehand as fast (sometimes faster) on average than the men. In relation to the relationship: Most women hit smoother, with less spin - the difference to the men is inevitably not as extreme as one might think. But Keys is a different house number. Your serve, the forehand - these are real weapons. Of which "Maddie" has so far made too little. Because too often she doesn't hit the right punch at the right time. And rarely invokes a plan B. It's a shame. Because Keys actually has everything to have a few majors in their pocket. Currently? She is only in 50th place. Will she make it up again? She is only 26 years old. I am excited. (Florian Goosmann)

Sloane Stephens: In a few years, Sloane Stephens will be sitting in front of the fireplace in their third home in Lake Tahoe with their hopefully large group of children on Thanksgiving, completely buffeted by the delicious turkey that husband Jozy Altidore has expertly cut up. When the wonderful Sloane is about to nod away, her eldest daughter, named after her best friend on the tour, comes around the corner with a question: “Mum. Why did you actually only win one Grand Slam tournament? There are so many people who say that you were the greatest talent of any player. Your division of seats, your change of pace, your understanding of the game - wouldn't it have been there? ”And because you shouldn't lie to anyone, especially not your own children, Mama Sloane answers truthfully. “Oh, Maddie. For that I would have had to do something from time to time that I don't enjoy. Train harder, for example. It was really not worth it to me. Another piece of pumpkin pie? ”And that's the truth: Sloane Stephens seems pleased with what she has achieved on the tennis court. Then we should be too. (Jens Huiber)

by the entire editorial team

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