Zverev family speaks about Olya Sharypova: "Restless, unstable, more the party girl"

Alexander Zverev and his family were currently talking to ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova.

by Florian Goosmann
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Olya Sharapova, Alexander Zverev
© Instagram / @olyasharypova
Olya Sharypova, Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev and his parents have for the first time given more detailed comments on the subject of Olya Sharypova. Zverev's ex-girlfriend had serious allegations of domestic violence against Zverev at the end of October and shortly afterwards reported about a suicide attempt as part of the Laver Cup in Geneva. Zverev had contradicted via Instagram that the statements were "not true".

In a SPIEGEL portrait, he now explained how he found out about the allegations. "I was sitting upstairs with Mischa in my room, looked at my cell phone with my mouth open and just thought: What's going on now?" Zverev also repeated: "None of this is true, the allegations are simply not true."

Sharypova: Led a different life

His parents let it be known that the time with Sharypova had been difficult. Sharypova wrestled with her like a competitor for Sasha's attention, explained mother Irina. When eating together, she jumped up when she was finished and asked Zverev to go with her, even if the rest of them were still eating. Small things, according to Irina Zverev, "but you could tell in things like that: She is restless, unstable."

Sharypova led a different life, according to father Alexander Zverev. "Sascha with his disciplined everyday life as an athlete, she was more of the party girl."

Sharypova contacted him in December 2019, two months after the relationship ended, and apologized, the father said. She was "stupid", had "done a lot of things wrong", she explained, and she would have loved to get another chance with Sascha. He tried to calm down and said: "Life goes on."

A SPIEGEL query about the Zverev's perception of family life was left unanswered by Sharypova.

Zverev and Sharypova already know each other from their youth, in September 2018 they finally got together.

Click here for the full portrait of the Zverev family in the current issue of SPIEGEL - very readable!

by Florian Goosmann

Dec 06, 2020, 01:09 pm
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