"Rooftop Girls": After the Federer match now training with Rafael Nadal

Do you remember the "rooftop match" between Vittoria, Carola and Roger Federer? He has now organized a very special training session for the two of them.

by Florian Goosmann
last edit: Oct 21, 2021, 02:59 pm

The first corona lockdown in spring 2020 - it caused the ceiling to fall on the heads of some. "Tennis at home" was a big buzzword, and others? Just got on the roof. /

For example Vittoria and Carola. The two girls from Italy had pursued their passion for tennis on the roof of the house, and Roger Federer had noticed that. He had discovered a video of the two of them and thought that the two of them "rooftop tennis" was "a wonderful idea".

Tennis? Italy? Federer? Of course, it was just as wonderful that Federer had a number of sponsors with him, and the right one was called Barilla. The noodle manufacturer, whose pasta Steffi Graf already served in the 1990s, planned a surprise visit with Federer . Because Federer happened to be the favorite player of the two girls.

In the end, the campaign was even nominated for a Laureus Award.

"Rooftop Girls" are allowed to train with Rafa Nadal

Now the "rooftop promotion" has been extended. Federer got in touch again, he knows a really good summer camp. "I spoke to the Rafa Nadal Academy," he said, and he and Barilla would like to send the two of them there.

No sooner said than done: what about the girls? Of course we were thrilled. A dream, so their conclusion, "the coaches and all the other people are so nice," they raved. "I would like to stay here my whole life," said Carola, the younger of the two.

Oh yeah, and what about the favorite player? The girls stay true to their Roger. "Nadal is my second favorite player," explained Vittoria, and Carola then raised them to almost the same level.

Will there be a sequel to follow or will the two actually move to Manacor and aim for a professional career? We are excited.

by Florian Goosmann

Oct 21, 2021, 04:05 pm
last edit: Oct 21, 2021, 02:59 pm